​About Us

We are a lacrosse club for advanced youth lacrosse players based out of Central Maryland.  We have players from Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Calvert County, Charles County, Prince George's County, Baltimore County, St. Mary's County and Montgomery County.  In 2018 we had representation from 31 cities in MD plus DC and Virginia.

Why Choose the Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club?

It's simple: we are dedicated to having fun, providing top-notch coaching and lacrosse instruction, playing in competitive tournaments, and providing a place where families can connect to share our love for the fastest game on two feet!

We offer year - round activities - Spring play for youth teams (Howard County Club Lacrosse League),  Competitive Fall tournaments for youth AND recruiting tournaments for our High School teams. Winter indoor league play and off-season speed and agility training during the winter.  We help our younger players build solid fundamental skills and play against higher level competition.  And for all our young men we encourage and instruct them on good team values - it's not always whether or not you win or lose, it's how you win or lose that counts!

We recognize and encourage boys to play other sports and therefore don't require you to play year round.  But we do make the Maryland Wild lacrosse activities available anytime of the year that you might need it!

Dedicated position clinics and specialized instruction during practices is a staple of our club, and we're connected to some of the top collegiate and MLL talent in the area.  You never know who might show up for practice one day!

Program Basics

Club Lacrosse isn't for everyone.  It is intended to provide "the next level" of competition and instruction for those players who already have a fundamental understanding of the game.  However, our club is also meant to help grow that foundation and guide these young men as they graduate from rec leagues to high school to college and beyond.  We provide a comprehensive set of benefits at all age levels, from enhanced instruction at the younger levels, to high school preparation at the middle school levels, to college recruiting assistance at the high school levels.

We offer an incredible club lacrosse experience at a VERY reasonable rate.  Your son can receive GREAT coaching, participate in the areas best club lacrosse leagues, and play in competitive tournaments while not breaking the bank.  We also apply SIBLING discounts for our families!


We are proudly sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in Maryland.  The BWW in Arundel Mills Mall and BWW in Annapolis are labeled as our "home restaurants" but 12 other BWW restaurants in Maryland are owned by the same group.  We do not get special food discounts in their restaurants - however we do get a generous donation from Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants and there will be occasional opportunities for us to interact with restaurant staff and management periodically during the year.  

We also introduced our newest sponsor in 2016 - Under Armour!  All our uniforms will be Under Armour, the finest athletic wear on the planet and born right here in Maryland!  Our high quality gear will last for a long time after the season is over, giving parents a great value and kids something they can wear long after the games are complete!

The Five C's of Club Lacrosse:

1. Coaching - you join a club team so your son can get the best instruction and improve his game.  The Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club is stacked with mature, experienced lacrosse educators - men who have played the game, love the game, but more importantly have years of experience teaching it.  Our coaches bring with them a well seasoned and awe-inspiring toolkit of knowledge, patience, and dedication!

2. Competition - the purpose of playing in tournaments is to improve your son's game and to have some fun along the way.  At the Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club we carefully select tournaments based on a number of important criteria: how they are managed, the levels of competition, the fields they use, the officiating, the affordability of location - and for our high school teams we also include the recruiting factor and college coaches.  This requires a lot of planning and forethought to make sure we select only the best for our players and families!

3. Character - team sports teach our boys a lot of important lessons that will benefit them later in life.   At the Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club we don't shy away from our focus on "right and wrong" because all too often in life we get caught up in the focus of winning games and not developing young men of character.  Of course we want to win games, and we'll work hard to achieve that goal - but we'll make sure the boys understand there is a right and wrong way to do it, and more importantly we'll achieve it as a team!

4. Communication - let's be honest, our lives today are hectic; everyone is juggling schedules and trying their best to stay on top of things.  The Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club takes pride in frequent and detailed communication with the players and parents alike.  We make sure and provide you with both short term and long term information, we quickly respond to questions, and we will regularly send out multiple reminders just to make sure you are aware of things!

5. Community - anyone can join a club to play in tournaments or leagues.  But when you join the Maryland Wild Lacrosse Club you are joining a family.  We take pride in the relationships that are formed.  We enjoy holding extra events like the Bayhawks Tailgate or the Skills Night.  We are excited that so many of our teams enjoy parties or evening get-togethers at tourneys.  And we love seeing the boys create long-lasting friendships that will extend beyond the field and later into life!